LAKE-VIEW HOUSE – PELLA (NO), IT   il progetto recupera la traccia di una proposta già approvata e che poneva un volume sopra un basamento  rideterminandone completamente i caratteri nel determinare i rapporti sia con il suolo del basamento  che con la caratterizzazione volumetrica e distributiva fortemente trasformata. Il basamento in pietra nel quale si […]


A home that embraces the landscape. The house defines its mode of settlement since the very strong planning constraints but mainly from two foundational elements: the relationship with the ground and the relationship with the landscape. The intention is to create a model of the relationship with the place, which looks like always existed but, […]


The house stands on a clearing in the trees, 700 meters above sea level, close to the “Passo del Cavallo”, next to a road that connects Trompia Valley and Sabbia Valley on a steep slope. The relationship with the ground and the landscape are the material that construct the project: the ground by communicating with […]