A new architecture takes action according to the existing architecture in order to build a new complexity. The architectural proposal seeks an expressive relation between the volume of the existing project and the urban and natural landscape, proposing a principle of installation that establish a strong relation with the present and future context. Three purposes […]


  Founded in 1924, the Umbro’s brand is one of the most popular sportswear international brands and it is the Football’s Olympus by about ninety years: it is a British brand headquartered in Manchester and with a dozen branches in throughout Europe, including Brescia which Italian subsidiary. Thanks to a very demanding and with very […]


  “Where the technical problem is overcome, architecture begins” (L. Mies Van der Rohe) A rural context and in opposition a big residential area suggested an impressive architecture, well-integrated into the surrounding landscape. The volumetric model was inspired by the Alsatian architecture’s archetype, which repeated, permits to get a variable volume, suitable for a public […]