Project of the new entrance, reception services and energy efficiency.     Project title: DON GNOCCHI HOSPITAL Area: 3.200 mq Schedule: 2016   Architectural design: Botticini + Facchinelli ARW SRL (Architetto Camillo Botticini, Architetto Matteo Facchinelli) + Gala Engineering S.r.L Collaborators: Arch. Domenico D’Amato Structural engineering: Artec – Arch. Norma Tomaselli Services engineering: Perito Ind. […]


The IRCCS Fondazione Stella Maris, is a research hospital dedicated to adolescents’ neurological and psychiatric disorders, located in Calambrone. The need for new spaces, laid the foundations for a project located in a green park of thirty thousand square meters. The structure is based on the principle of the inner courtyard, a place for children, […]

Blood bank _ ANKARA

Design Criteria – Modular Lab System   The design criteria that inspired our project arise from the need to reorganize the architectural structure of the previous project, through a greater emphasis on a modular configuration of each plan of the different blocks, forming the entire structure. The laboratory module is the key unit in any […]


Microorganism repository centre with teaching and training labs, conference hall, residential area, bioclimatic greenhouses, offices, teaching and training labs, parking spaces surrounded by a big natural area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia desert.     Project title: Microorganisms Repository Centre (KSA) Location: Riyad, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Area: 155 mq buildings, 5000 mq area […]

GOOC prototype – Green Oasis Oncology Centre

Prototype for a new Oncology hospital expandable in phases.     Project title: GOOC – Green Oasis Oncology Centre Project date: 2014/2015   Architectural design: Gala spa and HGC Health & General with ARW Location: Prototype for South America

Morgue and logistic buildings of the new POLYCLINIC HOSPITAL OF MILAN

The urban role, architecture of silence The large building complex of the Policlinico rises from Via Sforza and Via della Commenda up to Piazza dell’Umanitaria. It is an uninterrupted series of building aggregations that have over time increased the influence of the hospital area on the city. On this square the development of the Hospital is completed and the […]


The building is articulated with a tight system that defines, starting from a closed central court, seven open courts facing the city and the landscape to confirm and affirm the condition of “new urban centrality” that overcomes the concept of self-referenced and isolated system that take on many structures hospital. At the entrance to the […]