A home that embraces the landscape.

The house defines its mode of settlement since the very strong planning constraints but mainly from two foundational elements: the relationship with the ground and the relationship with the landscape.

The intention is to create a model of the relationship with the place, which looks like always existed but, at the same time, be an expression of an idea of ​​contemporary domesticity.

The house has an irregular plant in C, a kind of open hand that wants to embrace, capturing the relationships with different surrounding geographical horizons , selecting the view of both sides of the living room facing the court and the mountains: the house is configured in this way as a suspended ceiling between the ground and the sky.



Project title: VILLA ARIA

Location: ITALY_ Cremignane_ISEO(BS)

Site area: 1796 sq

Total GFA (above ground): 147 sq

Date: schedule 2015 / construction: 2015 – on-going


Design: Botticini + Facchinelli ARW s.r.l. (Architetto Camillo Botticini, Architetto Matteo Facchinelli)

Collaborators: Arch. Erica Beluffi, Arch. Anna Ghirardi

Structural engineering: Wood Beton s.p.a.

Services engineering: Wood Beton s.p.a.

Client: Wood Beton s.p.a.