Founded in 1924, the Umbro’s brand is one of the most popular sportswear international brands and it is the Football’s Olympus by about ninety years: it is a British brand headquartered in Manchester and with a dozen branches in throughout Europe, including Brescia which Italian subsidiary. Thanks to a very demanding and with very clear ideas board of directors, we immediately had the guidelines to follow for the development of the project, which was perfectly adapted to the brand’s dictates (color/font/…) but leaving at the same free rein to the imagination: two floors of building in the heart of Brescia, a showcase on one of the busiest roads of the city. Downstairs there are developed the administrative and sales offices, while the upper one it has been created a true showroom, visible from the street.



Project title: UMBRO’S SHOWROOM

Location: ITALY_Brescia

Total GFA (above ground): 554 sq

Date: schedule 2013