The IRCCS Fondazione Stella Maris, is a research hospital dedicated to adolescents’ neurological and psychiatric disorders, located in Calambrone. The need for new spaces, laid the foundations for a project located in a green park of thirty thousand square meters. The structure is based on the principle of the inner courtyard, a place for children, suitable for both recreation and control. The repetition of the court in an articulated complex allows to meet the hospital needs while maintaining a welcoming quality for patients and functional quality for the clinic staff. In view of reversibility and foresight, the project includes the construction of a first intervention to the local hospital, and then a second operation for laboratories dedicated to research. The outer coating of oxidized copper binds chromatically to the colours of the park, creating a dual relationship between the internal courtyards and the hospital, and between the hospital and the park.



Project title:                               STELLA MARIS FOUNDATION

Location:                                    ITALY_ Pisa

Site area:                                    27.963 sq

Total GFA (above ground):    10.815 sq

GFA below ground:                  5.605 sq

Site coverage:                            30%

Green Area:                                7.624 sq

Green Area Ratio:                     27%

Schedule: 2015


Architectural design: Botticini + Facchinelli ARW SRL (Architetto Camillo Botticini, Architetto Matteo Facchinelli) + Gala Engineering S.r.L + Tekser + Geologica + Studio Lazzari + ASA

Collaborators: Arch. Erica Beluffi, Arch. Alessandro Galperti, Arch. Anna Ghirardi

Client: I.R.C.C.S. Fondazione Stella Maris