A new architecture takes action according to the existing architecture in order to build a new complexity.

The architectural proposal seeks an expressive relation between the volume of the existing project and the urban and natural landscape, proposing a principle of installation that establish a strong relation with the present and future context.

Three purposes typify our new building: the first one is the dialogue between the functions and the existing architecture according to the program; the second one is the volumetric attraction and the expressiveness established between the two buildings and the last one a new look at the nearby environment.

The work of these dynamic shell’s forms combine heaven and earth. The “mirror” effect emphasizes the landscape through spatial and changing interrelations. The protections are cleverly treated, as well as the light’s management. This project as set of these elements will remain the symbol of an urban renewal capable of respecting the existing identities and become a significant landmark.



Project title: II TRANCHE – RIXHEIM

Location: FRANCE_Rixheim

Site area: 2000 sq

Date: 2016-2019


Design: MFA-Matteo Facchinelli Architect

Collaborators:ALN-Atelien Architecture, Bleu Cube

Structural engineering: SIB Etudes

Landscape design: ACTE2