The building is articulated with a tight system that defines, starting from a closed central court, seven open courts facing the city and the landscape to confirm and affirm the condition of “new urban centrality” that overcomes the concept of self-referenced and isolated system that take on many structures hospital.
At the entrance to the hospital near the service entrance, there is a nursery with two green courts that can accommodate thirty children, children of employees.
The central courtyard, paved in granite, is crossed by the glass of the bar, making itself available to residents and visitors, becoming the authentic meeting place of the hospital.
This space marked by tall hornbeam symbolizes what this hospital wants to be, a machine at the service of man in the search for an unstable balance between artifice and nature.



Project title: Ospedale Civile di Legnano

Project date: 2004


Architectural design: Camillo Botticini

Collaborators: Nicola Faustini, Milena Vivenzi, Eleonora Zucchelli, Paola Martinelli, Michela Cibaldi

Engeneering: Società Ingegneria Technit

Client: Comune di Legnano, Milano