The project aims to redefine a coherent and homogeneous volume in its various components, searching a character of the unity of the whole, a clear identification between built space and open space. The logic that characterised the complex system of places destined for swimming activity, searches for a condition of porosity understanding the absolute integration of the open space and the constructed space, carried out between the internal pools and the lido, uniting energy saving and spacial quality that only natural light can grant.

The solidarity of the system is juxtaposed with an absolute permeability, capable of conversing both with the space of the street, where a separate access for the public in the stands carves out the angle, between Stadio street and Novagagni street, showing a loggia; and with the entrance to the swimming center where the erosion of the volume opens onto a small public square. Both environments enlarge the space of the sidewalk, allowing the reception of groups of people. The open space of the beach and of the external swimming pools connects in continuity with the internal space, presenting itself as a park where the green plain, towards the Garza river, is inclined according to the geometries that emphasizes its characters, allowing an advantage in the relationship with the exposition of the sun for those who are bathing.




Location: ITALY_Brescia

Site area: 12.000 sq

Total GFA (above ground): 5.200 sq

Date: 2009 / construction 2010-2012


Design: Camillo Botticini Architetto, Arch. Francesco Craca, Arch. Arianna Foresti, ATI con Studio Montanari e Arch. Nicola Martinoli

Collaborators: Arch. Michela Cibaldi, Arch. Paola Bettinsoli,
Geom. Ignazio Marchetti

Structural engineering: Ing. Claudio Toniolo, Ing, Giorgio Piliego

Services engineering: Milano Progetti s.r.l., Palumbo Ingegneri Associati

Electrical system: Studio Cvr Engineering

Project management: Ing. Marco Rossi, Arch Alessio Rossi

Construction company: Campana Costruzioni s.r.l.

Mechanical system: Palumbo Ingegneri Associati

Supervisor of construction: Geom. Roberto Migliorati

Photographs: Niccolò Galeazzi, Alessandro Galperti

Client: Brescia Mobilità s.p.a.