The project identifies three areas of intervention: an enlargement that takes place within the cemetery wall, the adaptation of most of the entire cemetery for the accessibility of the disabled and some maintenance work aimed to modifying the broken pavements which, right now, allow the infiltrations of water in the underground areas.


  1. A) Extension

Regarding enlargement, this is defined on the east side of the cemetery and involves the demolition and reconstruction of the sanitary facilities to restore them, and their relocation which transforms the north face into a new graveyard prospect. There is also a new small deposit.

The sides of the bath-storage body are aligned with Botticino hammered marble wall and are characterized by the new carriage gate and a walkway with timed electrical system.

In sequence to the baths, with the same measure follow the slope to the south another 5 bodies, the first two facing each other with tombstones and external slab. The structure is generally made of reinforced concrete and the niches are prefabricated with a perfectly smooth bottom and an interior slope with a dimension of 80.5x80x225.5 cm in prefabricated concrete and Botticino marble slab of 3 cm.

On the south side of the project the access is through a staircase covered with light gray granite slabs (salt and pepper), there is then a volume of two family chapels facing an Erica flowerbed, while the 4 south chapels are divided into two blocks and are reachable from the road. The chapels are all externally covered with Botticino hammered marble and they have a glass door with “L” metal frame made of epoxy powder coated stainless steel.


  1. B) Adapting disabled accessibility

In addition to the refurbishment of part of the pavement of the cemetery, which is rebuilt in non-slip granite slabs, it is realized an important intervention of a lift in the courtyard gardens east side. This intervention will allow a connection to the three different levels; in order to carry out the construction, the stairway to the ground floor south-east of the court is demolished.

The lift allows all visitors to access the entrance fee at the middle courtyard level and the in-ground level, making access to most cemeteries niches.

As the cemetery consists of planes at different levels, all the altitudes are exceeded by a 5% slope ramp in the south-east corner (side-by-side with parking for disabled easily accessible from the inland road east).

Here in the southwest corner is placed, covered, a new elevator by adding a landing to access to the existing one.

A total access to the main corps of the cemetery is achieved, except for access to the west family chapels where the staircase could be integrated by a servo staircase.


  1. C) Maintenance works

Maintenance works are designed to allow and improve access to some parts of the cemetery and to identify and fix the water percolation points towards the basements.

The floors are remodelled by removing part of the courtyard garden floor in order to waterproof the underlying floor and block the water percolation. The floor is redone with light grey granite slabs (salt and pepper), placed over a double sheet waterproofing sheath.

Two glazed parapets are placed to the side of the staircase to avoid possible falls.




Schedule: 2016

Start of work: october 2016

End of work: supposed december 2017


Architectural design: Botticini + Facchinelli ARW SRL (Architetto Camillo Botticini, Architetto Matteo Facchinelli)

Collaborators: Arch. Alessandro Galperti, Arch. Domenico D’Amato, Arch. Amalia Dumitru

Structural engineering: Ing. Franco Palmieri

Services engineering: Perito El. Diego Fioletti

Construction company: Foresti srl

Client: Comune di Lumezzane