The project is the first phase of larger extension flanking for about 100 meters the north edge of the existing graveyard. The part built so far is a 40 meters-long 2-storey massive volume, which contains 360 columbaria and several family chapels. The new volume creates a surprising scenographic effect. From the distance it creates a white backdrop for the existing burial ground, while from behind the existing cemetery’s former external wall; it disguises a covered space providing natural light on the new part. The relationship between the existing outdoors space and the inside of the extension is mediated by the façade system. Constructed by means of Carrara white marble, the vertical paneling of the façade generates games of natural light in the inside, taking advantage of the direct light from south. The pavement and columbarium units are clad with mat polished Carrara marble which confers the surfaces a pale white-azure appearance (due to natural marble).




Location: ITALY_ Induno Olona-Varese

Site area: 500 sq

Date: schedule 2011 / construction: 2012


Design: ABDArchitetti Botticini – De Appolonia e associati

Collaborators: Arch. Eleonora Zucchelli, Arch. Paola Martinelli, Arch. Michela Cibaldi

Structural engineering: Ing. Franco Palmieri

Services engineering: Planex s.r.l.

Construction company: Macchi Costruzioni Srl (Venegono Inferiore, Varese)

Client: Comune di Induno Olona