The intervention is located in the east nucleus of Boffalora Sopra Ticino, in relation to the existing cemetery of which it is the completion according to geometry of the existing structure.

The existing cemetery has heterogeneous characters from the first development phases with fence featuring brick arches, up to the most recent ones made of granite and concrete shelter.

It should be noted that the cemetery is in a low position of about three meters above the towpath of Naviglio Grande, characterized by a significant vegetation border isolating it from the road. There is also an asphalt parking area.

The existing cemetery was made in successive stages: the first brick fence was in 1940, the subsequent extensions were from 1980, 1998 and 2002. It is with the last intervention that different part starts to relate, to be joined and completed.

From the urban point of view, the properties in question are in the area from the current Piano di Governo del Territorio (PGT) of Boffalora Sopra Ticino municipality. The location is considered from the PGT an “archaeological risk” area, but during recent excavations was carried out a geological expertise without notice anything.

The project completes the space plan of the existing cemetery through two new enclosures: one constructed, consisting of a porch with an impluvium rooftop towards the central square, and one made up of walls to be used for burial in a future enlargement.

The street side is halfway buried and it protrudes towards the parking area by only two meters, minimizing the sight of the element. The cover, not visible, will be painted dark brown metal. The walls will be linked to the local tradition thanks to the shades of the bricks.

It is also planned to accommodate the outer areas with cypress plantings that integrate to the whole redefining the character of the parking, which is nowadays rather degraded in the overall image.

The enclosure measures a total of 46 x 26 meters, as anticipated, a 26 x 26 m part is covered on the edges to define a courtyard with an improvised roof covering a 2.5 meter deep porch that distributes six family chapels and blocks of niches.

The exterior part of the porch is in brickwork materials that recalls the oldest enclosure. In Carrara marble will be the tombstones attached to a mechanical system which allows adjustment and perfect complanarity.

The niches, prefabricated in concrete, and chapels are on four levels to allow easy access to the fruiting citizens.

There are 192 niches, and 48 niches in the chapels, which add up to 48 other ossuaries. The chapels are rustic except the access door with bronze frame and glass.

The centre of the court is 40 cm upper then the floor so it can function as a sitting seat. All spaces are accessible with ramps as connect to existing cemetery units.

One of the two courts is available for ground burials and allows to have 70 seats on the ground considering also the space between the existing enclosure and the new one. At the court head there is a fountain for dispersing the ashes of the loved ones.

The existing ramp is guarantees the access from the parking and it works as a distributive element for wheelchairs to the old and the new fences.



Location: Italy_Novara_Boffalora Sopra Ticino

Schedule: may – june 2016

State construction: in progress


Architectural design: Botticini + Facchinelli ARW SRL (Architetto Camillo Botticini, Architetto Matteo Facchinelli)

Collaborators: Arch. Domenico D’Amato

Client: Comune di Boffalora Sopra Ticino