The house stands on a clearing in the trees, 700 meters above sea level, close to the “Passo del Cavallo”, next to a road that connects Trompia Valley and Sabbia Valley on a steep slope.

The relationship with the ground and the landscape are the material that construct the project: the ground by communicating with the project operates a principle of “rootedness” into the slope to the north, where the house seems to bite the mountain, and the principle of “emancipation “to the south, with an overhang that throw the home to the valley. To the north, a courtyard open to the Mount allows you to look at the profile of the dolomite rock spiers that at 1200 m above sea level continues the green plane tilted so that virtually close the fourth side of the house. To the south a large window splayed mediates between the interior of the living and landscape, the light coming from the south continued with a bay window to the north patio.

The house has an irregular plan shaped like a “C” with a patio where the fourth side is made from a green plane that delivers the planimetric structure that generates the spaces of the house, creating three bodies with variable height increasing from north-west, where the volume disappears by integrating into the ground.



Project title: ALPS VILLA

Location: ITALY-Passo del Cavallo_Brescia

Site area: 6500 sq

Total GFA (above ground): 360 sq


Design: Camillo Botticini Architetto

Collaborators: Arch. Lucia Fanetti, Ing. Paolo Dellana, Arch. Giorgia Guseo, Arch. Stefano Farina

Structural engineering: Ing. Franco Palmieri

Service engineering: Planex srl

Construction company: Baglioni Costruzioni s.r.l.

Supervisor of construction: Geom. Roberto Migliorati

Photography: Niccolò Galeazzi

Client: Private