SCUOLE INNOVATIVE   a) Articolazione dell’idea progettuale e descrizione dell’opera. Il fondamento concettuale alla base del progetto è la condivisone degli spazi e della vita all’interno della scuola. Un grande spazio continuo e permeabile attraversa tutta l’architettura che integra hall gradonata > spazio mostre > rampe di distribuzione ai piani > corte vetrata interna > […]


LAKE-VIEW HOUSE – PELLA (NO), IT   il progetto recupera la traccia di una proposta già approvata e che poneva un volume sopra un basamento  rideterminandone completamente i caratteri nel determinare i rapporti sia con il suolo del basamento  che con la caratterizzazione volumetrica e distributiva fortemente trasformata. Il basamento in pietra nel quale si […]


TERME PONTE DI LEGNO – PONTE DI LEGNO (BS) IT   Un “ponte” con il mondo   Ponte  di legno è una delle più importanti località di villeggiatura montana d’Europa, grazie ad uno straordinario paesaggio naturale  dominato dall’Adamello e da un comprensorio sciistico di livello internazionale. Lo sviluppo insediativo è avvenuto in maniera consistente tuttavia […]


A new architecture takes action according to the existing architecture in order to build a new complexity. The architectural proposal seeks an expressive relation between the volume of the existing project and the urban and natural landscape, proposing a principle of installation that establish a strong relation with the present and future context. Three purposes […]


Project of the new entrance, reception services and energy efficiency.     Project title: DON GNOCCHI HOSPITAL Area: 3.200 mq Schedule: 2016   Architectural design: Botticini + Facchinelli ARW SRL (Architetto Camillo Botticini, Architetto Matteo Facchinelli) + Gala Engineering S.r.L Collaborators: Arch. Domenico D’Amato Structural engineering: Artec – Arch. Norma Tomaselli Services engineering: Perito Ind. […]


The project identifies three areas of intervention: an enlargement that takes place within the cemetery wall, the adaptation of most of the entire cemetery for the accessibility of the disabled and some maintenance work aimed to modifying the broken pavements which, right now, allow the infiltrations of water in the underground areas.   A) Extension […]


The intervention is located in the east nucleus of Boffalora Sopra Ticino, in relation to the existing cemetery of which it is the completion according to geometry of the existing structure. The existing cemetery has heterogeneous characters from the first development phases with fence featuring brick arches, up to the most recent ones made of […]


This “central” phase of the project follows the same principles of the masterplan. The main purpose is to create a high quality life standard. This means living in a city where people feel good, safe, protected: an human scale city. This happens in the old city center with green areas, water, comfort given by natural […]


  Founded in 1924, the Umbro’s brand is one of the most popular sportswear international brands and it is the Football’s Olympus by about ninety years: it is a British brand headquartered in Manchester and with a dozen branches in throughout Europe, including Brescia which Italian subsidiary. Thanks to a very demanding and with very […]


A home that embraces the landscape. The house defines its mode of settlement since the very strong planning constraints but mainly from two foundational elements: the relationship with the ground and the relationship with the landscape. The intention is to create a model of the relationship with the place, which looks like always existed but, […]


The project is the first phase of larger extension flanking for about 100 meters the north edge of the existing graveyard. The part built so far is a 40 meters-long 2-storey massive volume, which contains 360 columbaria and several family chapels. The new volume creates a surprising scenographic effect. From the distance it creates a […]


The IRCCS Fondazione Stella Maris, is a research hospital dedicated to adolescents’ neurological and psychiatric disorders, located in Calambrone. The need for new spaces, laid the foundations for a project located in a green park of thirty thousand square meters. The structure is based on the principle of the inner courtyard, a place for children, […]


  “Where the technical problem is overcome, architecture begins” (L. Mies Van der Rohe) A rural context and in opposition a big residential area suggested an impressive architecture, well-integrated into the surrounding landscape. The volumetric model was inspired by the Alsatian architecture’s archetype, which repeated, permits to get a variable volume, suitable for a public […]


The project aims to redefine a coherent and homogeneous volume in its various components, searching a character of the unity of the whole, a clear identification between built space and open space. The logic that characterised the complex system of places destined for swimming activity, searches for a condition of porosity understanding the absolute integration […]

Blood bank _ ANKARA

Design Criteria – Modular Lab System   The design criteria that inspired our project arise from the need to reorganize the architectural structure of the previous project, through a greater emphasis on a modular configuration of each plan of the different blocks, forming the entire structure. The laboratory module is the key unit in any […]


The house stands on a clearing in the trees, 700 meters above sea level, close to the “Passo del Cavallo”, next to a road that connects Trompia Valley and Sabbia Valley on a steep slope. The relationship with the ground and the landscape are the material that construct the project: the ground by communicating with […]


Microorganism repository centre with teaching and training labs, conference hall, residential area, bioclimatic greenhouses, offices, teaching and training labs, parking spaces surrounded by a big natural area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia desert.     Project title: Microorganisms Repository Centre (KSA) Location: Riyad, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Area: 155 mq buildings, 5000 mq area […]

GOOC prototype – Green Oasis Oncology Centre

Prototype for a new Oncology hospital expandable in phases.     Project title: GOOC – Green Oasis Oncology Centre Project date: 2014/2015   Architectural design: Gala spa and HGC Health & General with ARW Location: Prototype for South America

Morgue and logistic buildings of the new POLYCLINIC HOSPITAL OF MILAN

The urban role, architecture of silence The large building complex of the Policlinico rises from Via Sforza and Via della Commenda up to Piazza dell’Umanitaria. It is an uninterrupted series of building aggregations that have over time increased the influence of the hospital area on the city. On this square the development of the Hospital is completed and the […]


The building is articulated with a tight system that defines, starting from a closed central court, seven open courts facing the city and the landscape to confirm and affirm the condition of “new urban centrality” that overcomes the concept of self-referenced and isolated system that take on many structures hospital. At the entrance to the […]