ARW is a workshop that turns any particular occasion into a reflection and into a statement about the reasons and meaning of architecture. We propose an architecture capable of summarising contemporary world’s complexity into a clear, essential, necessary outcome. – In the search for a site specific identity of a project, we retain identity, as in the best Italian tradition, to be able to be local in a global world, nowadays a necessary reference horizon. Architecture begins from its relations with a specific site and willing to transform it architecture states a precise idea of space. The dialectic between statement of an idea and conditions of the context constitute polarities in which the interval of the project transformation is set. The settlement scene in its complexity becomes the reference material in which the geography, the history of sites, the landscape with its contradictions, the morphological characters, the leaning of soil are taken as materials generating a project. – Architecture erects a complex and integrated space. Public and private spaces generate a crucial element of a project. Thus we propose a strong, iconic architecture that knows how to transform and construct the identity of places, a reactive architecture able to grasp different degrees of layering of places and therefore capable of pondering a response. The project is the foundation of a process that starts from a programmatic content and from a concept, that knows how to critically read the nature, the aim of an intervention of transformation. – The quality of construction, its reasons, also expressive of the complexity of various themes, against ant scenographic trend in construction, the search for a craftsmanship that knows how to deal with industrial production but able to escape stereotypes is the basis of every project. We propose a research on technology as essential content of the project where sustainability (energetic, of construction, of settlement) is a fundamental condition of each intervention. The project starts from a never-ending dialectic between “inner” conditions to its conception and “external” reasons. In this framework a project complies with site conditions, with program and construction, critically assuming them as defining elements whose outcome is open. We suggest an internal economy of architecture and space that wants to be contemporary without flattening in the search of trends and formalisms, and that feeds itself through history without reproducing it but understanding and interpreting its primary structures.